Goals - we all set them. And of course we try to accomplish them.
Sometimes we are successful, and sometimes we aren’t.
But it’s the determination to achieve that goal that we look for in Team One Racers.
In the T1R atmosphere, we use more than results to judge our elite status. We use character, committment, dedication, loyalty and teamwork. It’s true that we have resumes with excellent finishes, which is a firm groundwork for a team, but what really shapes our success?

Many of the teams that we compete against judge themselves on a much different level than we do.
We race as a team – with selfless committments to our teammates.
T1R is not about one person winning - it’s about the team racing.

We see our fair share of top placements and a respectable level of success.
And we defintely enjoy both the competition and acheiving our goals.

Overall, Team One racers are racing because of our love of the sport.
​Winning makes it even sweeter!


Team One Racing originated in 2000 as a hand-picked group of individuals who had outstanding results in the competitive racing circuit. The team had multi-world and multi-national records holders, as well as local racers who achieved Category 2 status or higher in the USCF ranking system.​​

Jim and Wendy Kuhn started Team One Racing and have now changed the focus of the team to help Juniors get involved in the sport and educate them about racing. The team has gone one step further by encouraging the parents to also practice and race themselves. This will help them realize what it takes for their child to be an elite junior athlete.

Jim Kuhn is a Level 3 licensed NICA head coach and USA Cycling certified with more than 20 years of experience. He is driven to educating juniors about training, bike handling, proper race tactics and nutrition.

Wendy Kuhn is also a Level 3 licensed NICA coach as well as a 1999 UCI World Cup Road Racing Champion. She loves to share her expertise with Juniors and cyclists of all ages.